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Jul 6, 2012
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31' Carver Montego
Hello all. Glad I found this forum as it looks like I will learn a lot here. My name is Kevin and I currently live in Baltimore but we are moving to Kent Island soon (boat is already there). Currently I have a 17' Tracker for fishing and crabbing and a 1990 31' Carver Montego. We cruise and fish the Chesapeake as much as we can from March until the end of November. I have only had the boat 2 years but I spend probably about 2-3 weekends per month on it and it consumes much of my time (and resources). And I love every minute of it.

We go to the Wye River a good deal and we have been to anchorages in Little Queenstown Creek, Stoney Creek, and Rock Creek. We have also been to Herrington Harbour North, Rock Hall Landing Marina, and have docked at the Jetty Dock Bar overnight to see Jim Morris play.

I grew up on a lake and had ski boats and when I was real young my grandfather built a wooden boat that we would take to rivers and lakes in PA. One of my best friends lives in Tarpon Springs and we have taken his boats out fishing in the Gulf and down to the Keys. So even though I only have 2 years of experience on my own boat, I know enough to get by. And more importantly, I am aware of what I don't know and I try to learn it as quickly as possible. I read Chesapeake Bay magazine, Boating, Prop Talk, PMM, PMY and any other magazine I can get my hands on. I realize many of you aren't big fans of some of those, but I pick up information and learn things with every issue.

By now I am sure you are asking "Why are you here?" Well, the plan is that we will sell the Carver and get a trawler in 5-7 years with the goal of long range cruising in 10 years. We have started going to Trawler Fest here in Baltimore and I hit the Annapolis Power Boat show every year, now paying more attention to Trawler Port. After looking at a lot of trawlers, our favorite is the raised pilothouse layout of Defever, especially the 49'. I realize there are plenty of other trawlers out there with similar layouts so we will continue researching for the next few years until we find the right one. One way or another our goal is to get set up for some long range cruising, starting with the East Coast and Caribbean and then going from there. It may be just for a few years until we have to come back to work or it may be that we set ourselves up properly to do it long term, but either way we will do it for some period of time.

So I figured by coming here I will learn a lot from experienced people and maybe even be able to meet some people that enjoy some of the same locations on the Chesapeake that we do. So from time to time, I will ask questions, some stupid and some not, but always with the intent on learning something new.
KCaldwell said:
Hello all~ another one of our goals is to get set up for some long range cruising, starting with the East Coast and Caribbean and then going from there.

Welcome aboard... This is a great site, I have learnt lots here. BTW, don't forget to place Newfoundland on one of your destination list to do someday too.

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