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Apr 21, 2021
Hello everyone! First a bit of explanation. My brother bought a DIY kit trawler from a man a year or so ago. The seller failed to provide the kit plans or frankly not much of anything else. Heck it doesn't even have the windows installed! What I do know is that has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure and that it has the engine and generator in place. I hope no one minds but I might be on here asking questions.

By trade my brother is a welder with a specialty in marine application (big plus). And until I retired I was a master technician for Infiniti automobiles. Both of us are Navy vets with him being surface ships and me being both surface and submarine service.

This is a single engine vessel and has a Cummins 4BT 150hp turbo charged engine installed. I believe this engine to be a mid to late 1980's manufacture. This engine is nearly bare bones. It appears to have everything installed that are bolt on but it is not yet plumbed for intake and exhaust.

It it after cooled and I am hoping someone has any knowledge they can share about the intake and exhaust plumbing so that I can build those systems and set up gages next to engine so that at some point I can do testing operations.

Also I know there are lots of possibilities but I have been trying to identify the make and model of this boat so I might be able to locate any helpful information regarding it. I will take pictures and post them later. I will be meeting up with him to work on the boat again in a couple weeks so I will take the pictures then. For now all I know about it is what I already said earlier and that is a 42' trawler. Not much, right? :)

So he and I have a long raod to travel to get this boat in the water and make it sea worthy, you folks may see much more of me...I hope no one minds!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!
At least you know the importance of pictures, lets see them. We can't be of any help without them.

Welcome aboard.

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