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Apr 11, 2015
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Mainship Pilot 30
We are Peter & Theresa Madeiros . We have a Cape Dory 28 flybridge and are leaving the west coast of Florida and headed to the Chesapeake for the summer.
Welcome aboard! are you planing to go around the South end of Florida or cut across the lake?

I'm in Punta Gorda for just a day. I'm planning to run up the Peace River Sunday in a little skiff. Just met some nice folks at Fishermans Village who are planning to do the Loop in a Ranger Tug 27.

What engine do you have in your Cape Dory?
Hi Peter ad Theresa,
Welcome to the forum! I also winter in SW FL and keep my boat on the Chesapeake during the summer. Enjoy your trip up and summer on the bay!

Hello possum ,Enjoy your trip up the Peace River ,stop for lunch at the Nav-a- Gator.
We have the Volvo 200 TAMD41A
Barefoot, I love the Nav A Gator but I think it's closed. I know it was for sale a couple of months ago. I'll check as we go by it and let you know.

We need to arrange a race. I think Possum and Barefoot are very similar boats.
It occurs to me that all the old farts on this forum never talk about racing, they just brag about how little fuel they use as they crawl along.?

That'll stir them up!
Barefoot, The Nav A Gator is still open and seems to be doing well. We got there just a little after 11 AM on Sunday and they seemed to be doing a good business. I was glad to see it.

The river gets really wild just above the Nav A Gator. Really beautiful.
Ya, we were there last week for a few, it's still on the market but at a high price.A race sounds good , it will be like the lobster races in Maine, check it out on you tube.
Hope to catch up when we come back down maybe on our way to the Keys!
Trawler races still sound better to me than sailboat races. Yawwwwn! (except foiling AC boats!!)
Trawler races still sound better to me than sailboat races. Yawwwwn! (except foiling AC boats!!)


You're gonna' love this one . . . . . 38 knot monohull sailboat. I'll bet that's as fast or faster than almost any boat on this forum. And, burning 0 gph while doing it!

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled program :D

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