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Jul 29, 2020
Mike and Teresa Baker introduction,

Just found this site and already got some very helpful cruising info about the NJICW. Bored in quarantine in March decided to buy a cruising boat and another adventure. Wanted to cruise the PNW Inside Passage TIL October but Canadian border still closed. Found the boat I wanted on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. 1993 Carver 330 Mariner in fantastic always fresh water condition with only 800 hrs on original Crusader 270 = 30 hrs/ boating season in NH.

Spent May deep servicing and converting to salt water boat then launched at Portsmouth to first cruise Maine then cruise the ICW to our home in Fort Myers Beach over the rest of summer. Unfortunately ruptured my right Achilles’ tendon boarding in Rockland, Maine a week ago. Needed a cast then medical boot to recover for 2 or 3 months so, moored the boat in Portsmouth, NH and going to our summer home to heal. Plan to complete the ICW cruise this fall

This is my 11th power boat. Started boating on Michigan lakes and the Great Lakes. Undergrad studied Marine Biology/Oceanography at FL Atlantic U boating the Keys most weekends. In the 80s moved to Seattle and lived aboard a 43 ft President we custom ordered for live aboard for 9 years. Since then have rented Moorings Sailboats to cruise Granada north, BVI islands, Northern Tonga Group and Tahiti.

Looking forward to meeting other Forum members!
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Welcome! Hope healing is going well.
As you know that injury takes lots of time to heal, please don't rush it, be a model patient.
Welcome aboard. Hope you heal well, and soon.
I know from the Achilles tendon injury. 10 yrs ago Doc told me "there are injuries that are a quick surgery and recovery, and then there is yours."
Hope to see you on the water.
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