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I had a Volvo Tamd41P (210 hp) on a Camano31 it was a 2002 boat I bought in 2004 and kept till mid 2008. I only had one problem with the engine, for some reason the raw water strainer was mounted on the engine, if the plastic screw on cap was not on very tight it would slowly drip raw water down the side of the engine. After years of over tightening the plastic cracked and lots of water flowed into the bilge, the high water alarm sounded I was able to jury rig a solution, the bilge pump pumped out the water and being close to home went in. I ordered a new cap and everything was ok till I sold the boat a year or so later, the second cap never leaked a drop.
Other than that the engine always started and ran fine.
Spares seem to be more expensive than US made brands.
35' Senator Fly Bridge Sedan

:rolleyes:So the long and short of it is, we bought the 35' senator. Close before the first of the year.
Almost bought a 41" Litton or MT. No one could say for sure:ermm: It had a pair of pristine looking 41 series Volvo Pentas but only #2 (starboard) would start.:roll eyes. Antique electronics that did not really work.
Everything else looked like Home Depot was the preferred vendor.
I believe we bought the single Perkins right and it fits our needs.In the end, we saw a lot of boats and came up with this one.
Guess we will leave the Welcome Mat and join more on the more specific topics :thumb: .

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