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Mar 12, 2009
Hi Everyone, just signed up to this great site. I'm the proud owner of a Halvorsen 32 Gourmet Cruiser. There are not many here in the UK.

I think I have a oil pressure sender problem on my Cummins 330B and wondered if anybody could help. When starting cold and therefore oil pressure is high the gauge goes full scale and after a few minutes it will*behave normally at tick over at about 50 - 60 psi. But increase revs and as the pressure increases to about 70+ psi*the gauge all of a sudden goes hard over, full scale. Drop the revs and it drops back again. The hotter the engine gets the better it is. Have any of you guys*seen anything*like this and can I be sure it's the sender ? Also can anyone point out where the sender is located ?
Thanks for your help. Andy*

I also have a Halvorsen 32' G.C. with a 330B in it. At 2000rpm, my oil pressure is 60psi, constant. No swings at start up or full warm up. As you suspect, it probably is the sender.

My problem is that my boat's coolant temp is a constant 192 degrees. The Cummins spec allows 203 degrees but I have changed eveything (one at a time) in an effort to lower the temp.(Sender, gage, thermostat, coolant, and pulled and flushed out the engine & Transmission heat exchangers.) All to no avail.

I'm in love with the boat however, so a little heat doesn't bother me too much.


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Andy, welcome to the Halvorsen Gourmet Cruiser's club! Between the 3 of us, we represent 10% of the HGC fraternity and have 3 continents covered!

Feel free to natter with Walt and myself off-line or - more fun - in the "Halvorsen Designs" section of this website.

More anon.


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IF you are asking WHERE the sender is , there is little chance of you effecting the repair yourself.

It will be either electrical the gage , sender or a loose wire or lost ground ,
OR mechanical in the oil pressure regulator , a big $$$ fix.

On a new to you boat first thing I would find out what type diesel (not car) oil is required and change the oil and filter.

I would locate the oil fitting , remove the wire and clean and replace it.

I would then loosten the instrument pannel, R&R & clean the wire ends to the gage AND look for its ground and clean it carefully.

IF that fails I would purchase a MECHANICAL gage and install it where the electric sender was , and see if its an engine pressure problem or just an electric wiring* hassle.

ON most electric gages there is a REQUIREMENT for a good ground to get accurate readings. Depending on the Brand of gages lost or poor ground will lower oil readouts and raise temp readouts.

Good Hunting.

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Hi Walt, Good to talk to you. Great boats, I delighted with mine also. previously I owned planing flybridge boats made by both*Fairline and Princess built here in the UK. I brought Solo three years ago and have cruised the UK south coast and the north coast of France.

Just like you the oil pressure on mine was*very*constant (stable) at around the 60psi level. Then all of a sudden the problem happened.*

On the*engine temp front*mine*runs at about the 180 degrees level, sorry to hear yours is running high. Are*you losing any coolant ?

Give me a shout if I can help in any way.


Hi Mark, Good to talk to you. I hope you are as pleased with your Halvorsen as I am with mine.* I guess with you being in Hong Kong you brought it directly from Yardway Marine ? Did you get good service ?

I have spoken with Mark at Halvorsen in Austalia and he was very helpful.

I look forward to communicating more with you guys

Hi Fred, Good to talk to you and thank you for your comments. I have owned Solo for 3 years and should have given more description.

When this started, I removed the intrument panel and checked, cleaned and rechecked all of the connections. I also have changed the oil and filter since then as*I always do my own servicing anyway.*

I then checked all of the electrical connections I*could get at on the engine (some were not that tight). I*have two earth connections on my engine and I re-made both of these just in case.*All to no avail. All of the other instruments*etc. are working just fine and as before.

The reason I,m struggline with the sensor location is tha Cummins spray everything on there engins white including the wires. This makes things difficult as there are quite a few sensors on the engine. On some wires there are labels which are readable and the type of sensor is easy to identify, ie the water temp, but the others all look similar to each other.

I contacted Cummins in the UK and gave them the engine serial number. They told me this engine was made in the USA. They contacted Cummins USA who said there were different sensors and locations posible and thats all.*Now I seem to be stuck as there appears to be rivalry or politics between Cummins USA and Europe resulting in the lack of help.

So any help from other forumites would be appreciated particularly a photo if posible.

Once again thanks, I hope this helps.

If in doubt, then you'll have to use the process of elimination. If you have the new sender in hand, then turn the key to the on position, have someone watch the gauge and take off/replace one wire at a time from the possible candidates. One of them will change the gauge and then you have the culprit. Shouldn't be more than a half dozen or so?

I second FF's thoughts about the oil pressure regulator.

Put a mechanical gauge in to determine if the pressure is actually varying as indicated. If it is then you have a problem with the relief valve. It may not be all that difficult to deal with if it is accessible from the outside of the case. I don't know that engine so can't say, ask a Cummins dealer or shop.
RT Firefly wrote:

** HOLY COW Rick B?????**Agreeing with FF???* The world must be soming to an end...
I quite often agree with FF on technical issues, just as I quite often disagree with him.*Factual information is*worth supporting regardless of who presented it.

I am not an ideologue or a fanatic like some others.*

But just to satisfy the skeptics; as the saying goes,*even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
RickB wrote:
But just to satisfy the skeptics; as the saying goes,*even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Unless it's in Europe in which case it's only right once a day......

I am not an ideologue or a fanatic like some others.

The question is shall we have freedom FOR government,

Or Freedom FROM government.

I prefer freedom to the socalist slave state with burorat created "Social Justice" (everyone equally poor) to the Free Market.

Although a truly free market has never been tried.

Rick prefers the burocrats "ideologue or a fanatic" is only the point of view of the opposing view.
I wasn't even talking about politics, there are other places on this forum for that.

I meant that just because I disagree with someone's views on some things doesn't mean I will not recognize anything they present. Only an ideologue or fanatic discounts the truth because it was spoken by someone he disagrees with on other issues.
The go to Cummins website is Are you blowing any oil past the filter seal? If FF's suggestions and seconded by Rickb do not pay dividends, post your question and engine numbers on - you will have to pay the $25 bucks but a it is great site for interaction and learning.
I sent you a private message that's relative to your boat's operation. Possibly you are not aware that you have it. Please check the top right hand section of the TrawlerForum screen to see if you got it.



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