model 50 uniflow valve

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Apr 5, 2024
Pozdrav svima,
dozvolite mi da se predstavim. Moje ime je Saša, bavim se ribolovom i ronjenjem u Hrvatskoj, na Jadranu, jednom od najljepših mora na svijetu. Radim s brodom Grand Banks 42 ft clasic izgrađenim 1978. s dva Ford Lehmana, svaki od 89 kW /120 KS. Ja zapravo živim na ovom plovilu i trudim se održati ga u autentičnom obliku. Pronašao sam vaš forum tražeći hidrauličku komponentu na internetu, a to je jednoprotočni ventil modela 50. Htio bih kupiti isti, makar i neispravan, pa da rekonstruiram svoj.

Ako ikome od vas mogu pomoći svojim iskustvom, stojim na raspolaganju

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Saša, I do fishing and diving in Croatia, on the Adriatic, one of the most beautiful seas in the world. I am working with a Grand Banks 42 ft clasic boat built in 1978 with two Ford Lehmans, each 89 kW /120 hp. I actually live on this vessel and I try to keep it in its authentic form. I found your forum by searching the internet for a hydraulic component, it is a model 50 single flow valve. I would like to buy the same one, even if it is defective, so that I can rebuild mine.

If I can help any of you with my experience, I am available
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The information below should lead you through the rebuild. The last is the detail drawing from the original patent filing.

Informacije u nastavku trebale bi vas voditi kroz ponovnu izgradnju. Posljednji je detaljni crtež iz izvorne prijave patenta.

Thanks for the detailed answer, it certainly helps me. However, in my case, the problem is in the aluminum valve housing itself. As a result of corrosion and galvanic current, oil leaks at the junction of the base of the housing and the pipe fittings. I would like to get an aluminum case that is in better condition than mine.
I almost never see Uniflo 50’s for sale. It was by far the weak link in the system. I say almost because I did See one for sale on Craigslist some 8 years ago.
A few years ago I got a #50 Uniflow through Ebay. It took a while using Ebays watch function after filling in the required info, the actual model info.

Look them up and fill in the info and be prepaired to wait a while.

The mfgr. will not make parts for repairs anymore. I went out to see them, close to 20 yrs ago, and they said it was not worth their effort to set all the machines up .

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