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So far, No water problem on our 2007 Mariner 40. And we are really liking this boat.
As a 2007 model, does it have stainless steel window frames, partial staircase to FB, and lose the teak strip(?covering a join) around the front of the FB? Those seem to be update refinements on "Clipper" branded boats sold here, from 2005/6.
As you like your boat,I hope you might help me with some information. How long have you owned it? What`s it like in nasty sea conditions? What engine(s) do you have? What thrusters are fitted? How is the close quarters handling for docking etc? Any wave slap heard in the main stateroom at anchor?
We do not have the SS window frames. Actually a couple of them are corroding some. We do have a 3 step base before the ladder to the FB that the propane tanks are in. And there is no teak strip around the front of the FB.
We have had her for almost 3 years and cruise mostly on the West coast of Florida, down to the Keyes and back. We try not to get out into nasty sea conditions, but when we find ourselves in rougher than we like, we retreat to the lower helm and find a greater level of comfort.
We have a Cummins 230 hp single engine and usually cruise around 7 kts at around 2 gph. We do have a bow thruster, so in most conditions, docking is not much of an issue. I must be extra careful when there is a crosswind and adjust accordingly.
Yes, there is wave slap in the forward stateroom that we've become somewhat accustomed to except in extremely choppy anchorages. If it's that bad, we can comfortably sleep in the salon.
We moved to the Mariner from an Island Packet 37 that was an awesome boat. These are 2 completely different boats and handleing them is different as well. There is a learning curve going from sail to single engine power.

Wm Mayberry
Mariner 40

Marathon, FL
I appreciate the information Wm. The window variation suggests the Aussie importer/builder has input to the build. The 230 Cummins is usual here, one for sale has twin 270s, overpowered to my mind. A recently sold 2004 had twin 220s. All have bowthrusters,some add sternthrusters.
I see the boat as an traditional trawler, updated in fitout and features. Boats sold here have a frame at the aft end of the FB, with a crane,for the dinghy. It is good you are enjoying yours, lots of trawler owners come from sailboats. Were I to sell the IG36, a Mariner/Clipper would be a natural step up.
Boats sold here have a frame at the aft end of the FB, with a crane,for the dinghy.

I would like to see a picture of the Dinghy frame and lift.
I am trying to figure out just what type of dinghy davit system I want.
We use the swim platform for boarding at the dock, so would like to be able to get around any stern mounted system. Also we would like to be able to quickly launch and retrieve the dink.
Now, I remove the engine, hoist it to the FB aft rail, then lift the dinghy up to the upper deck. We use a Garhauer lift for lifting.

Wm Mayberry
Mariner 40

Marathon, FL
Wmiii, here is the link to an advertisement for a now sold Clipper 40 which clearly shows the cantilevered frame for the dinghy.Used Clipper 40 for Sale | Boats For Sale | Yachthub
Some other boats have an aft FB extension with the dinghy sitting above it. If you search at Yachts & Boats for Sale in Australia & New Zealand | Yachthub for "Clipper 40 using "Boat Search"you will see 3 more boats advertised, carrying dinghies in this way. As all boats seem to have them it seems to be "factory" fitted.
It could be a Clipper only modification, so be sure the area has the strength to carry the frame and dinghy and that Clipper models are not strengthened to facilitate the design. Perhaps Mariner Yachts can help.
We had the same issue with a port fuel tank and discovered a plastic bottle cap which appeared to have come off of a fuel additive container had lodged in the boat's fill pipe. Fortunately, with long pair or needle nose pliers we managed to extract the cap and the problem went away.
We also once had a mud-wasp nest partially clog up the fuel tank vent and that proved to be an issue when filling the tank. We removed the vent and soaked it is some soapy water then cleaned out the screen with the end of a plastic wire tie.
Good luck this problem; is a pain but should not be costly to resolve.
2006 Mariner 40 trawler

I just purchased in March of 2020 this wonderful 2006 Mariner. Just took a trip from the Chesapeake bay to fort myers, fl. Boat did not skip a beat. What I need is to find where I can buy 200’ of the rubber window gasket that covers the trim screws. Someone told me they are manship windows from China. I talked to a couple suppliers and being 2006 they know nothing. Help
Marc Stretch 207-415-2486
Welcome aboard. I bought some from Amazon for our last boat. I just looked for something that was close and went with it. Worked ok.
Not sure how I missed this thread. We bought hull 3 in September 2020. No deck core problems, but our port side fuel tank is far more sensitive to overflows than the starboard tank. Anything beyond the first gurgle sound and it overflows. Very embarrassing and expensive.

While experience is definitely a good manual, I sure wish I had that manual at times!

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