Lost job - served new opportunies

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
Vessel Name
Hannah Faith
Vessel Make
DeFever 48'
My wife and I just had to close our business of 15 years. It's was a great run but sometimes it just does not work out. I used to boat a lot when I was a kid and 2 years ago I purchased my first boat. 2004 sea ray 280. Had a lot of fun and I enjoyed working on her and adding new options. I'm selling the boat now and am thinking on getting a trawler who we can enjoy the ride and the destination. Been reading many post here and love the story's sofar. Thinking about buying a used trawler and my wife and I becoming live abords. I'm looking forwards to a new chapter in my life. To the dream, making it a realty.
Echo RTF- Welcome:flowers: you will as your early viewing apparently has exposed, great give and take on this forum. The more detail on what you are seeking and the parameters of what you think you are desirous of will entice many of the current live aboard's as well those who have boats that fit that intent but don't choose to live aboard, will share in great detail. Do not be fearful of using the PM option if you seem to have found a poster that is resonating. We all enjoy the off the record PMs.

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Welcome aboard! Nice to have another Floridian.
Never look back (too often that is)... Always move forward!

Welcome to Pleasure Boat World! Herein termed... Trawler Forum!!
Welcome to the forum, David. A trawler may be a novel mode of transport to a new start. Best of luck.
Hi David

Hi David,

Sorry about your business! We know how that feels. Everything happens for a reason. Sounds like you have a great plan.

Live your dream!

Amen to what RT said. I've walked through that door a few times and each time I've come out on the "open" side in a better position. It's scary, but somehow it works.

I wish you much success and a bit of luck to go with it.
Don't look back, enjoy the next phase, and make the best of a new life. Your new business will be getting the boat ready for........whatever!
Best of luck!

Welcome aboard from Brazil...yeap! we trawler too!
Best wishes.
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