Life raft ST30

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Colin ettle

Jun 9, 2023
We have a hard case life raft and wondering where to position it on our ST 30 to access but not be in the way
Any thoughts please
Thanks Colin
Yachts tend to sink by the stern. The foredeck is the most convenient but make sure the hard case is waterproof. Whatever the location, if you have automatic opening make sure a line is attached to your boat so you don't lose the life raft. Also remember the #1 rule--step up to the raft! Too many abandon ship only to have their boat survive. Even disabled a floating boat is a much better target for rescuers than a liferaft!
I'd mount it outside of the upper railings along the stern. By the time the upper gets to water level, it's time to step off. The bow it will may be cumbersome to deploy inside of the bow rails.
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