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Oct 6, 2007
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1983 42' Present Sundeck
<ul>[*]Lets see if we can better October 10.6.07 as most attended day. This makes a newcomer feel like the site is on the way down. I would't mind seeing the last last page cleaned up a bit and narrowed*down to (o: Boat Types

All Others

I would break it down to Cottages/ Gin Palaces/Pied a Mere

Cruisers, Voyagers
Thanks Mike and you're welcome. As far as types go..... When DOug put this together, my suggestion was to have the types section be things like....

Planing Boats

Full Displacement Boats

Semi-planing boats(How you like that Marin...



Or something like that. The problem happened when he/we started naming brands and then people felt their brand was left out.

I also wanted an engine section with the popular brands(lehman,cat,cummins,yanmar) and then "other".

Y'all keep spreading the word and talking up the advantages of a board like this!!

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Everybody has their idea of a perfect format.* It's tough to please everyone.* We are trying to make an alternative to a digest that you must scroll through to get to what you really want to read about.* For instance-I have not read the "Humor" thread in "Off The Deep End"-EVER!* That's the beauty of it.* If you don't want to see it, you don't gotta look at it!

Don't think we don't take your suggestions seriously.* If you had seen this site on the first day you would have seen the evolution based on ideas from folks like you.* We want a site that is arranged so that you can find what you are looking for while getting all of the BS fitered out.

I have noticed that the individual brand forums are not getting much activity.* I'll post a Poll to let everyone else vote on the change.
The boat breakdown could either be folks that leave the dock, and folks that cant/will not.

The other breakdown (for the folks not aground in their own coffee grounds) could be the folks that cruse at disp speeds and anchor out,

Or the marine motorists that think 3GPM is normal, and would not castoff with out a marina reservation.

Weather a motorboat is gussied up to seem like a PC trawler is NOT the question .

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