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Oct 2, 2007
Last weekend I went on a*trip up the Houston Ship Channel into Downtown Houston. This is a security zone and normally pleasure boats are not allowed. Once a year the Texas Mariners Cruising Association plans a trip and gets permission from the USCG to go up the ship channel into Buffalo Bayou and tie up at Allens Landing.
We were all required to carry a permission letter form the USCG*and travel together in a group during daylight hours. It took quite a bit of planning for the cruise leader and he did a great job. The final count was 22 power boats and about 150 people on board.
I would highly recommend this trip to anyone that is on Galveston Bay, its really interesting to see everything in action in the port and you get to see it from a view that not many people get to experience. Once you are tied up at Allens Landing you can walk into downtown to quite a few restaurants and also you can continue up the bayou in a dingy for miles. I went about six miles and ended up in the River Oaks area. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


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Yea, I made that trip 3 times before 9/11. It's like being in the Amazon once you get past the turning basin. Did anybody hit anything on the bottom? We bumped something once... figured it was a car somebody ditched.
I dont think anyone hit anything this trip, but* I know people that have hit junk!

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