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Jul 7, 2015
Just signed up and wanted to say hi. I live in Wyoming on a small ranch and have always wanted to take a trawler up the inside passage. Many of my online searches bring me to this site so thought I would sign up and start asking questions. You could write several books on what I don't know about this, never even owned a boat, but I guess we all start someplace.

My first question would be does anyone know of a good school. I see there are several out there, and almost as many blogs about what a bad experience someone had. Perhaps you have attended one recently or know of someone who has. Thank you in advance for your help.
Welcome aboard. Wish I could trade you my trawler for your Wyoming ranch. :)

Seriously, lots of good information and assistance on this forum, so just read and ask questions.
Welcome aboard.

Greetings Dann.

I'm a graduate of Montana State University, Bozeman. Not too far away.

I think you might see if you can find a local Power Squadron chapter. I know in the smaller Alberta cities I was able to attend Power Squadron courses at night... and they were perfect.


Welcome aboard. I just sent you a PM so check your Private Messages.

Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard Dann! Fellow Wyomingite here but on the Texas gulf coast now. Feel free to ask any questions or private message me if you want, although, I don't really know any schools. Anyway, HOWDY!
Welcome aboard Dann! Don't let RTF scare you. He's just a little crazy.
RTF, that was a good one!
I am new member of this community and want to say hi to all members. I found this community highly interesting and full of information. I am very happy after becoming the part of this site.
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Nice "meet" you!


(learning from RTF)
and Dale that is just wrong LOL
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Dale, one RTF is too many.

Thank you and I hope your enjoying your time there. As you know Wyoming is great this time of year. I just put my ranch up for sale and hope to be on the water in a year or so. I know very little about it right now but we all start someplace. Thanks again


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