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May 23, 2013
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Romsdal 1963
Saw a pic of my boat so I thought that I should join the forum.
Saw a pic of my boat so I thought that I should join the forum.

Welcome, glad you joined. You and that great boat should be a nice addition here. Please tell us some details like how long you've had the boat and cruising it. Pictures are welcome. Is Gulf Shores your permanent home base?
Oh, Wow! Nice boat!

You took down the forward mast! so why did you take it down? The 58 RW originally had forward masts, and I been think about adding a forward mast!

Have had her about six years or so, Savannah for awhile, Belize, Keys, etc.. Next move will be to the N. Coast of Dominican Republic probably sometime late this summer. Doing a refit to forward cabin. The mast presented a false echo on the Radar, reflected search light, and was beginning to rust on the inside (evidently never coated) it now sets at the top of my driveway as a flag pole/deer stand.
Is she in Gulf Shores now? I stayed at the Wharf and Lulu's earlier this month enjoyed it very much.
Will you be going to Luperon or Puerto Plata?
Ocean World most likely near Porta Plata.
spell correct "Puerta".
Do you keep yours in Houma, La.?
I learned to water ski on Bayou Black and Miner's Canal.
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