Fast Bahamas cruiser

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Hmm. That Bounty is interesting. That’s an outdrive I guess? Does it have a trailer?
Yes, sterndrive. Trailer is galvanized triple axle.

Wow. Your boat looks really nice and seems to have lots of room, but it sure looks BIG on the trailer. Is your Ram 4x4?

I was hoping to get something I could tow with my Tahoe— maybe 7000-8000 LBs. But it’s just a 2WD so would struggle and spin on a steep launch ramp.
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How about a Rosborough 25? Probably more than 50K used, but could be best of both worlds.
It's a heavy rig - more than 11.5K lbs on the trailer, when we have it loaded up for a summer on the water in SE Alaska. Lots of clothes, food, fishing gear, tools, etc. The truck is a 3/4 ton diesel 4x4, and it works very well. We tow it 1,900 miles from Utah up to Prince Rupert BC to launch, and head north on the water.

Pros and cons of being that heavily built - it's very stout, and rides softly and quietly through the chop, but takes a big tow vehicle. Here it is in the "boathouse" garage, where it lives when not out cruising:

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That’s a really cool boat IMO. I do like the mast , as long as I can fold it down.

I see it’s been repowered with new 70hp Yamahas. Is that sufficiently powered?

Might make it to 20-25 but probably won't make it to 25-30 MPH.
I would take a good look at the Grady White line of boats.
We go to the Bahamas often with friends on their 52' Ocean Yacht. Although its sportfish hull will take lots of punishment we still watch our weather. Once there we seldom get over 10mph ..He used to own a 32' Proline cuddy with twins that he took there several times. His gas bill was more than the diesel bill on the 52'!
Just like in airplanes, if you want speed and comfort you have to be prepared to spend money.

My dockmate just upgraded his Sea Ray 420 sundancer to a 550 Sundancer.

It's basically the same exact boat only about 14' larger.

He cruises at 24-28kts and gets 0.6 nmpg with a top speed of 35kts.
Depends on how much your time is worth. Our last boat (black fin 38 convertible) was three times faster and cost three times the Fuel and was really a marina queen when we got there. Always needed to run a genny to run ac because she was poorly designed as a live aboard. We are currently back in the abacos on the hook and haven’t even used our ac this year except at a marina last month in palm beach. Used the heat mostly all summer up north.
Well evertybodie’s flipp’in up their faves.

For awhile it was look’in like one could only go to the Bahamas in/on a small boat.

Perhaps BandB saved the day.
Oh the horror... The Bahamas in a small boat.

We did a few trips in this boat at 25kts. - Open bow even! :eek: Now we prefer to ease on over at 8kts with the autopilot on.

That’s a great pic! How was the ride over? Is that Bimini?
It is open water.
I'd think a fast 35' twin bass express cruiser would be excellent.
People go to Alaska in kayaks and rowboats (on the tide) too but a nice DeFever ........
Running to the Bahamas for much of tbe year....really ALL of it, is nothing like the inland passage to Alaska.

Other than both are on the water.
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