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Capn Chuck

Jan 20, 2009
I just received the Daily Email Digest and it is blank except for the headers. Chuck
Looking into this...
Not getting the digest

I am having the same issues regarding receiving the daily digest. Is there a step I have missed?
Those digests are coming from the old forums host company. They are blank because the old board is closed - no new posts. We've contacted them about turning off the mail. Patiently waiting.....

I figured that was the problem but my question is how do I receive the new forum's daily difest like the old one use to have? I am liking the new forum.


Keith Olive
Notifications come in a somewhat different form but you can configure these for daily notification in your user cp.

Good Morning Janet,

Thanks for being on and helping. I am trying to figure out the setting to get a daily update of new posts. I see in the CP where I can get daily updates on subscribed threads, but do not see where to automatically recieve all new posts. Did I miss it there?

You can subscribe to each forum you are interested in. Go to the main page and open each forum area you are interested in. Then look for the 'Forum Tools" drop down menu just above the list of threads. Select subscribe.

twl subscr.jpg

Thanks Janet. Just finished subscribing to a whole flock of forums. A check box system to do this would be a good thing for possible future modifications.

Thanks for your help.

Keith Olive
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