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Mar 6, 2023
I am in process of purchasing an '87 36' Nova Trawler. my question is, there is a dometic AC unit installed in the hanging locker in the Aft Cabin with only 1 duct that runs to the salon. I am not sure of the BTU's of the unit, but I think it is 11,000.
I am thinking that it is not enough to keep the entire vessel cool (forward and aft cabins, galley). does anyone have any experience with this particular vessel and if it is enough? I do have a new additional 11,000 BTU unit I can add if need be.
Welcome aboard. We had a 41’ President sundeck. It had 2 16K BTU units and was just about right.
You need to calculate the cubic footage of the salon, aft & forward cabins and match that to BTU's required. I think you will find 11K is not going to be sufficient
We have three AC's in our 2000 Nova Heritage East 36. The AC in the aft cabin closet has two vents, one running into the aft cabin and one running into the salon, (aft end of the salon). There is an AC that vents into the front of the salon, that unit is located on the flybridge within the helm enclosure. Then there is an AC under the forward birth that vents into the forward birth, guest head, and galley. Hope this helps.
You could probably run a duct to the main salon but that would about be the extent of it.

Not sure wher you live and boat as there are lots of Berlins in the US and I am pretty sure we aren’t talking about Germany.

If Ct you will be fine with one A/C. If Md then one will be marginal. Anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line will definitely require a second A/C.

If your wife is like mine, when she want A/C, she wants A/C. Not a wisp of cool air but a blast of it. Add another A/C…
Fit a store-bought a/c in the forward top hatch? Friend did that while cruising and it worked well.
My 36-footer has two, 15,000 BTU units. In the Maine summer sun, they can't quite keep up. They'll keep the humidity down, but not make it what I'd call cool. If 80F and low humidity is good enough for you, then my setup works. For us Northerners who like 70F, it's not quite there.

It's not as easy as just counting square (or even cubic) feet. The big issue is how much the sun heats up the boat. Deck space (and color), a Bimini or other shading, the size and position of any windows, all add to the equation.
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