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Originally Posted by Porgy View Post
Weíve skipped Utschís because weíve heard fairways are very tight and itís a bit shoaly there.

We stay at Canyon Club because itís easy in/out, good dockhands, nice pool, shuttle, fuel at the slip. At LLW our 5.5í draft sometimes stirs up the bottom but usually not a problem. Itís all sportfish with sail and other power boats as transients. The walk over to Lucky Bones isnít that far but, of course the walk downtown is longer.

We heard good things about South Jersey Marina other than current ripping through.
Let me take you from "heard" to a bit of direct experience. We had no issues getting into or around Utsch's in our 61' LOA, 18'2" beam, 5 foot draft Hatteras 56MY. They are very helpful on the radio guiding you in. Luck Bones is across the street, and the Lobster House, along with it's excellent seafood market, across the parking lot. Plus they are just so dang friendly.

There is a really nice marina over in Wildwood that some friends used to stay at, for the life of me I can't recall the name; we'd zip over there in the Whaler. However we love Cape May proper (as well as Utsch's) and always stayed a few extra days.

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