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Accountablility, Responsibilty by who's definition ?

Are they messin up an area that the condo association actualy has power over ?

Need hazmat cause some one believes there is an issue or is there actual proof of such.

Morronic kids, registered vessels, I mean are we talking about 40 foot vessels for the kids or are we talking about a couple of tin boats with OB on the back for the kids ta play in.

I mean what realy are the ills of our society?

I aint looking at what you be looking at. But if its just a couple of open boats that need to be organized. If its just one of them moments in life that gives you a chance to teach some KIDS about boats? Teach some kids about respect for others then what the He dble L is the problem?

BL ya have not supplied enough details IMO leaving me to believe the thread is a rant about the ills of society.

Nothing more.

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