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im going to start some research on the seal that i might have but i have a picture of before the packing seal blew. maybe you guys can help me identify whether its a wet packing gland or a dripless shaft log. personally it sounds like i have a wet packing gland. replacing the packing without hauling out the boat sounds like it could be a penny saver but sounds like it could be scary at the same time.

BruceK: The battery is now at about 13.4v

Woody: when it came to my starter problem, the inside parts of the starter were almost brand new. It did have quite a bit of dirt inside and the tooth drive was jammed along with the fact that whom ever painted the engine last painted the starter so much that it did not have a very good ground also. The starter issue is now gone. thankfully i never had to pay for it.

heres the shaft:
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