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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Heh... these are definitely "See-Ums"! They look like mosquitos and they're about the same size... and we really had swarms of them up on the flybridge each morning. Thought about sucking them up with a shop vac, but then decided trying to blow them away might work better... and our only shop vac on board just now doesn't blow. (Gotta fix that.)

The "No-See-Ums" I've seen are really tiny things, often not visible until after you focus on where it just started to hurt...

Yep....not no seeums...

Big discussion awhile back on the Great Loop forum. NC and VA has some kind of midge or mayfly or similar that does this.

My buddy who ran tugs/barges through that intracoastal said they turn off every light,including nav lights as soon as possible to avoid these guys.

Assuming the dots are the same origin....but sounds like it.
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