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The good... well in fact the best... Trawler Forum... this the place where you can find the answers from the ones who have the best, real, experience with Trawlers (with capital T).
This is a tribute to all of you guys and girls, without exception, from wherever you come from, whatever the boat you own, you are just all the source of the best ever Trawler source of information that could be!
Low hat, knee down, and thank you to everybody out there!

Special thank to: Mr RTF, the enigma living among us, Ski in NC the one who can get you out of trouble in the middle of nowhere, as well as David who has always been a source of knowledge, and all you guys (sorry but too long to name you all), the ones who helped on the electrical side, or Doug the woodworker, and of course the legendary Hendo ( who is not following his thread?)... in summary sorry for the ones who were not named but you all deserve my respect, my friendship and all the best.
Low hat to you all, you all are amazing ( and no I am not trying to rub you in oil to ask something afterward lol)

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