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For that price, it must be the electrical end. I recommend you save up and get it fixed.
You cannot project a NEED but, it's nice to have around.
Sort like your ACs, you man never NEED them but, it is nice to have them around, just in case.

Even the major yachts, many many solar panels.... they have a generator, just in case.

One model of the AT, 2 staterooms, does not have a generator. They stole the Gen space and put in a second stateroom, added solar panels. I immediately removed it from my "consider" list. Others feel totally different, solar all the way. Guess it is just me.
Even if it is a 2KW diesel gen, I would still want a diesel gen dedicated to charging the batteries and it takes 3 day to charge the batteries, just brings me comfort.
Per roof mounted gas gen, or portable generator, no thanks. Gasoline on a boat makes me feel uncomfortable.
I cannot fathom not having AC here in south FL. I suspect one cannot get enough solar panels on a under 40 ft boat with lots of roof space, to support one or two ACs
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