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No experience with any of them as they are all above my retirement pay grade. Gee, this kind of sounds like the HGTV of boats.

One key element you haven't mentioned is the sex of your two preteen kids. If they are the same sex, they MIGHT be able to share a cabin. Otherwise, it would dictate a three stateroom boat. That might knock the 43' Selene out of the running.

Kind of hard to get by the 9800 hours on the Cat 3208 on the KK. With that many hours, I don't think I would want to be out in the deep blue without a wing engine. Have read all kinds of numbers on the expected life of these engines but IIRC, the expected life is 12000-15000 hours. If I were making an offer on that boat, would price in a rebuild or repower as reputedly, the 3208 is a throw away engine. From the description, it sounds like the KK is two stateroom also.

The Fleming has two engines and three staterooms. The engine hours are half as high as the KK. The operating costs will be higher than the other two boats but there is some piece of mind in having 2 engines. Also, the Fleming would have less range than the other two vessels. The composition of the fuel tanks isn't mentioned and something that should be looked at.

So, if I had two preteen kids, I would probably be most interested in the Fleming but I like the other two boats a lot. Have seen the Selene from the dock at Fort Pierce and we like it a lot. I am certain we would like the KK too.
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