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OI started w an Albin 25 and we now have a Willard 30 as in my avatar. I had serious lust over a Maple Bay 27 some years ago.

I see you stow your dink (a rubber duckie .. like ours) on the cabin roof. How much does your dink weigh and how do you get it back up on top? We had a FG dinghy (about 90lbs) but wasn't practical to pull it up by hand. Then we bought a duckie that weighed a bit over 50lbs but that was too much too. Being 75 has some to do w it but the potential of slipping and falling off the roof is the big problem. The FG dink was narrower than the Duckie. The wide duckie gave only several inches of roof to stand on. Perhaps the 30lb weight of the new duckie without the heavy wood transom will be easy and safe enough to do. I plan on lifting it a bit sideways.

What's been your experience?

By the way one of the first things we will do this year is to spend a week in the south sound. We'll be looking for your boat.

Pack Mule they sure are and require much less power to drive than our Willard.

CAA I just noticed the for sale sign. Don't even think about it.

North Western Washington State USA
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