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RE: Abandon Ship Bag

It's hard to have too much survival gear in your bag, unless it sinks or you can't carry it.* In a floating bag (or bags) you might consider

food, flares, vhf radio, flashlight, water, 406 EPIRB, whistle, personal medications, first aid kit, knife, lighters, foil blankets, sunscreen, sea sickness pills, fishing gear, hat (to prevent sunburn and hold in heat at night) raft repair kit, duct tape, and a survival manual.*

The bag should have a lanyard to tie it on and prevent loss, it should float, it should be a bright color, and be readily available, not buried in a cupboard.*

In addition, the seven steps to survival as taught by AMSEA (the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association) are*
1. Recognition* (admit your life is in danger)
2. Inventory (decide what can help and hurt, do first aid)
3. Shelter (preserve body heat with materials that insulate and protect your from the environment)
4. Signals (help rescuers find you)
5.Water (find a safe source)
6. Food (after you are safe and warm)
7. Play* (stay busy and keep a positive mental attitude)

By the way, whats the 410 for?* I prefer the 12ga loaded with slugs........Arctic Traveller
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