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McMurray windlass info

I got the info below from boatworkfl (Pat) on the Bayliners Owner forum. It is so helpful I asked (and got permission) to repost it. This could save fellow McMurray windlass owners weeks/months of research! Kudos to Pat for sharing!
Any other useful tidbits please post them. I love my McMurray and it will be great to keep the old girl running for a while yet!


Winch data


WORM SHAFT DIA. .613 W1040


e.b. atmus
Part Number, Manufacturer, Description, Price
WF32160, REXNORD, HOUSING WF3-216-0, 32.73
F3U210N, REXNORD, FLANG BLK F3-U210N, 53.27

I spent a lot of time to find all this and I hope it helps my friends on this site, and anyone else that owns this brand of windlass. After disassembling this windlass, I think that it is one of the best of this type. Just do not pull the anchor with the chain gypsy-you may strip the gears.
McMurry Windlass repair info.
Gear parts, bearings, and motor for the McMurry windlass.
The worm gear that fits on the motor shaft is available from Martin Gear in Florida. Any bearing distributor should have access to the gears.
The part number is: WH10
The Wheel gear that fits on the 1 shaft is: w1040D
The bearings 2 for the 1 cross shaft: Link belt number is located on the bearing housing. Rexnord #WF32160
The bearing for the nose of the motor shaft is located on the bearing housing.
Rexnord #F3U210N
The bearings may need to have a small hole drilled in the extended portion of the center support for the shaft bearing to lock the center of the bearing to the shaft.
The motor is a starter from a model 8N ford tractor, new ones are available on EBAY for less than $100.00 delivered.
The starter motor will come with a shaft that is slightly too long and will need to be cut to length and a hole drilled in the proper location to match the existing shaft hole to secure the gear, approx 3/8".
I ordered my gears from Florida Bearings inc. in FT. Lauderdale, FL on line-best price I could find. mailto:

Note: The ford tractor starters are up only, I believe they can be converted to down also. The old motors can be re-wound though.
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