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Originally Posted by Capn Craig View Post
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Welcome! It's great to hear from another Miss. river rat. I keep my boat at The Isle of Capri marina at umr mm 487. in Bettendorf IA. It is about a 1/4 mile above the I-74 bridge. I bought my boat in Nashville in January of 2011. Ran it up the river in early June 2011. It was at the time of the big flood. I was facing a prediction of flooding all summer. I decided to go for it. Probably a foolish decision in a boat I really knew little about. I didn't realize how ugly the Miss is below St. Louis during a big flood. I didn't believe the stories of current running 10mph, the forests of trees and floating debris I had to pick my way thru. I believe now. I actually saw a rather large cabin floating down the center of the river. It took 2 weeks running 12 to 14 hours/day, an obscene quantity of diesel, and two bent props, but I made it. I was damn lucky.
Was your boat on the river when you bought it? The river is really very nice when it isn't misbehaving. How far upstream have you run? From where you are there is about 550 miles of water above you. I have run the river to Stllwater MN (the head of navigation on the St Croix) and to Minneapolis (the head of nav. on the Miss) several times but never in the trawler. I look forward to an extended cruise north this summer.
There are a maybe a half dozen trawlers in the Quad Cities, maybe a half dozen between here and the Twin Cities. The Twin City area has a several more.
Let me know if you ever get up in this area
Hello Capn Craig, I bought Northern Lights at Ft. Madison, Ia. When we left there we cruised up a ways past the Quad Cities, must of been close to where your at. Stayed at Lindsey Park Yacht Club & got fuel at Sunset marina. The river was high all year in 2010 , I thought dodging debris was a normal part of boating on the river. I remember the high water in 2011, it runs normally about 12' on the Louisiana gauge. In 2011 it was up to 22' - 23' with a 5 - 6 mph current, normal about 2 mph, stayed high until the middle of July. It's been pretty much normal ever since, small spring rise in 2012. I'am planning on going to Muscatine, Ia. in early June for the Keels & Wheels event & maybe farther if nothing comes up. We make a few trips each year to Hannibal, Mo. 27 miles each way, a short walk to several places to eat & enjoy a cold beer, great day trip. I'am usually on my boat from the middle of March to mid December, I won't be out on the river this year as early as I'ld like because I pulled the manicooler off the port engine to have it cleaned, tested & ceramic coated. It's on it's way to a shop in Tacoma, Wa. I have to re-torque the heads & pull the injectors to test & rebuild if needed, 1500 hour service. Capn Craig if you get down this way be sure to stop by I'am on D dock.

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Pic of manicooler
Ron on Northern Lights II
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