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I don't think 4K is high, assuming good maintenance regime. Aftercoolers specifically need periodic service every 3 years or so, but otherwise they're generally pretty simple and straightforward.

We had something like 2900 hours on ours when we sold that boat in 2020... and they were still essentially perfect. We had a certified Cummins tech on site and I had him do a basic "everything" when we bought in 2005 (aftercooler and heat exchanger service, gear oil cooler service, new hoses, etc.). That also included a valve job, but afterwards he told me he didn't actually have to adjust anything as it turned out.

Were it me, I'd be inclined to do it that way again... and one of the boats we shopped on afterwards would have been exactly that. No worries (although we didn't get to survey cause somebody else bought that boat before I had a chance to see it).

After that, he was good at advising me when to do what... and doing it for me when it was something I reckoned too much work to do by myself. (Like lifting an aftercooler.)

They're wet-sleeved, so rebuildable in situ is overhead space allows.

No clue about rebuild or repower costs. I've read Cummins sells re-man versions with warranties, but have no direct info...

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