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Pages load, go white and a fraction of a second later they finish loading

I am a member of four web forum websites that all use the same software- V Bulletin and are managed by the same people- Hello Janet H!

For the last few days all four of these websites start loading their home page or subsequent thread pages, the screen then goes white and after a full second or as little as a tenth of a second the page finishes loading. This is happening at all four sites and is not happening at any of the other half dozen sites I routinely visit. And I just clicked on another half dozen sites I rarely visit, and it is not happening on those either. Only on these four that are all part of a management group, and all use the same software.

Some glitch in the V Bulletin software is probably causing this to happen.

What can it be ?????. Can you please fix it!!!

I will also post this to, one of the other four that I visit routinely.

Edit: I am using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 with all updates installed and using MS Edge as my standard browser. I tried it with Firefox on the same laptop and also got the white flashes but much shorter.

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