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Surveyor recommendation Jacksonville, FL

Hey folks. I may have found my family's first trawler! If all goes well I will be traveling from western NC to Jacksonville on Tuesday to do the initial inspection.

If that goes well we'll do the sea trial and then I'll be looking to schedule a survey.

Anyone have someone they know or have used in the past that did a great job in the Jacksonville, FL area?

Thanks in advance,

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I feel quite certain several others will share this recommendation:

Bill Gladding


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Yes bill gladding ....
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Yes again to Bill
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Another vote for Bill
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Seatrial before survey?

Originally Posted by PerryH View Post
...If that goes well we'll do the sea trial and then I'll be looking to schedule a survey.
Bill Gladding, without a doubt. He's here on trawlerforum as bglad.

One thing to note, you >>absolutely<< need your surveyor on board during the seatrial if you are doing a pre-purchase survey, so you will want to engage the surveyor before doing the seatrial, not after.
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To help with your pre-survey inspection
Marine Survey 101
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It’s not a bad idea if possible to go on a “test ride” before engaging a surveyor. Why spend the money for an expert if there are obvious faults apparent to you that are deal breakers? Often for the price of a couple of hours fuel you can learn and observe enough about the boat in question to decide if you want to go ahead and call Bill. Who, by the way, did the survey on our boat and whom I can recommend whole heartedly.

You will also want an engine survey done at the same time....... Whatever you decide be sure that the engines are stone cold when you get there and watch for smoke, if they are Detroits google “Genesis’ 30 sec compression test” and follow the instructions.
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Ed Rowe
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Bill Gladding did my boat. I was very satisfied.

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