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house bank and....

My new to me 44' chung wha* has 7 8ds** a 8kw gen set and a 40amp charger* also a 2000 magnum inverter with a 100amp charger* the magnum is currently not working** It will be replaced * I like to have all my appliances to be 12v** tv, fridge stereo ect** I wish to set it up for extenderd periods on the hook** what is the best arrangement for starting batteries and the house bank***** thanks

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house bank and....

We have 10 - 6 volt golf cart batteries for the house bank and the*starting bank has 3 - 12 volt Optimas. * We run 2 alternators and 2 voltage regulators off of our one engine;* One for the house bank and one for the starting bank.* Two totally independent systems.* Other than battery disconnects there are no battery switches.* The alternators are both identical in size and outputs*as are the voltage regulators and we carry a spare of each.* I do have cables if I have to jumper one bank but we have never had to.* It's a simple system that has worked well for us.*

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RE: house bank and....

This is a bit controversial but in my previous boat, a Defever 45 PH, I replaced the 4 8D's with 12 Golf Cart batteries and this bank was used for both engine starting and the house bank. Something like just over 1200 AH's. I also had a generator that had it's own dedicated battery. The thinking is a very large battery bank can be used for both start and house bank duties and the generator is for backup just in case something happens to the main battery bank.

This was a twin engine boat and I wired both alternators to a device that paralleled the alternators so they both contributed to charging (additive) and I had smart external regulators. Check out Balmar for one manufacturer of these devices. I had to convert the alternators for an external regulator.

Concerning your Magnum invertor/charger, have you contacted Magnum for a solution? I think they make the best invertor/charger around but do get a pure sine wave unit.

With 7 8D's you have plenty of amp hours to stay on the hook without the noise maker.

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RE: house bank and....

Thanks guys I am not yet sure how my bank is set up but each motor has one 8 d as a starting battery and the genset is piggybacked on the starb motor Was thinking the genset deserves its own battery Would be interested in the device that sincs the alterators ? Have not yet contacted magnum, the former had several conversations but he is no longer with us so probably will not be much help
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RE: house bank and....

"The thinking is a very large battery bank can be used for both start and house bank duties "

No problem at all , deep cycle have lower CCA than starts , but with a pile of them it works well.

Even 50% discharged deep cycles will have the ability to start , its only big amps for a short time.

WE use 2x8D for our 6-71 , and normally start on the "house" batt that is in use.

One advantage of starts is they will stop putting out many amps if cranking is too long.
In 5 min the gas will have dissipated , and cranking can resume.

A ton of deep cycles would simply keep the volts up till the starter melts.
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RE: house bank and....

I suggest you set up and individual main engine starting bank and a generator starting bank. That way you will always have power if only the genset. Next configure your house bank and make them isolated from everything else. I prefer to use 8d AGM.

With an isolated house bank you can now monitor what charge you are maintaining as well as what amp hour rate of use you have.

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