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Did you find a place for those propane tanks. Looking for a new spot for 2 20# tanks, was under electronics on flybridge.
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One concept often overlooked is using a high quality electric water heater.

These have GRP internal tanks and high quality insulation. Forever design.

Mostly used commercially , they can be set to 170F if desired.

These are big (about 40 -50 gal) but have the super advantage of only loosing 5 deg in 24 hours.

Since hot water use can be stretched with willpower , 50 G that would stay warm for 5+ days might suit the cruisers that don't noisemaker daily or endlessly..
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FF, I assume your not crusing with kids? Fred did you ever post any pictures of the inside of your boat. How much does it draw? That is a cool looking vessel. Chris and Roger, I didn't build a spot like I was going to do. I am just going plumb the tanks next to my a/c unit and make some tie downs. Also I'm going to fab an aluminum basket that can be lowered with my derick and wheeled to the truck. Picture is the general area.
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"I assume your not crusing with kids?"

Give them some enviro-babble about "saving" the planet , and each a solar shower bag.

Let them hang in in the sun and take a solar heated shower.

Anyone contemplating the use of a quality 120V HW heater would be well advised to install anti scald plumbing as the folks that heat the water from the engine usually do.

The Alt energy folks have a setup to solar power any 120V std tank heater , with hot circulating water.

Might work well for folks with small noisemakers that cant spare another 15A to just heat water.
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