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Paravanes on the Krogen 42

Dauntless’ Paravanes

Finally, after roughly 3000 nm, the paravane story can be told. During that time, I have made a few minor modifications and adjusted a few things, and feel I truly have a great, finished product.

Let’s start at the end; this trip would not have been possible without them. They reduce the roll of this Krogen by 50 to 75%. Underway since Rhode Island, they have been in use, 90% of the time. They do incur a penalty of 0.5 to 0.75 kts.

Designed and installed my John Duffy and Eric the Fabricator, they came up with a simple system, that at first I thought was too simple, but experience has now shown me how versatile this setup is and it enables me to modify and angles and dimensions as I see fit.

The basic hardware, in pairs, unless noted:
18’ aluminum pole schedule 40, 3” diameter
Cup bracket in which the pole sits, thru bolted to gunnel with backing plate
• A cup with a rectangular ring for the end of the pole, thru with all 5 lines go and they are:

o Fore guy 3/8”Amsteel Blue,
spliced with loop, bitter end goes to bow hawse pipe and cleat, where it is tied in a fig 8, then three half hitches on horn.
o Aft guy 3/8” Staset, same as fore guy, comes back to stern hawse and cleat.
o “Up down” guy, 3/8”Amsteel Blue spliced and end cap, comes to near top of mast where a pulley is fitted with compression post thru the mast to the post side pulley. Up Down guy then comes down the mast thru Stablock to cleat. Cleat was installed with 3/8” bolts. I have modified this system. The bitter end of the Up down guy now comes thru Stablock is wrapped around base of mast below cleat in clove hitch, then thru the cleat with a stopper knot and half hitch on horn. This was necessitated by a bolt failure on one cleat. Current system has worked well for last 1000 miles.

o About 25’ of /8”Amsteel Blue, spliced with loop, also around end of pole and then ends in bowline thru shackle that hold on 26” bird.

o 3/32” Amsteel, Green and Orange, that is tied with whipping about 17’ above bird, with little yellow float. This thin line, then follows other lines thru end of pole, thru pulley down to mast mounted automotive winch (only one), ends are secured with rolling hitch on winch drum. This winch was wired from house bank in ER up to Fly Bridge by Dave Arnold in Ft. Pierce. Works very well and allows me to easily retrieve poles and birds single handed.

• Birds are produced my Stano Enterprise in Washington State. I buy them though Englund Marine, in Astoria, OR. Cost is $125 + about $60 shipping to east coast each. This bird as measured by the base is 26”. Larry on Hobo has the 28” birds. He recommended the 26”. They were so effective, I ordered another pair, but in 24”, they were not as effective and in fact started acting weird. I have since put the 26” back on and will use the 24” as replacements as needed.

• An additional mast stay was added, this stay is connected at the compression post under the pulley on top of the mast and then comes slightly forward to my gunnel, 45” forward of the poles, (which are in align with the mast). This stay is also thru bolted with a backing plate to the gunnel. And end up being on the outside of my fashion plate. This stay does a lot of work transmitting the load to the gunnel. This was not the first way we did it, but this is the solution.

The total cost was a little less than $10,000. In sum, I couldn't be happier. By using Amsteel, I have system that is easily modified and I understand what forces are being applied.

Pictures can be seen at:

\Richard Bost

The pictures are in reverse chronological order, but once you click on one, it takes you to the Atlantic Passage folder, where the pictures will now be in chronological order, therefore at the end.

You should be able to save and download any picture you want. Tell me if that’s not the case.

Contact Info:
Me, Richard Bost,
John Duffy, 305 773 7594, email
Dave Arnold, 772 359 8837,
Englung Marine, Ron Fox, 503 325 4341

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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That is a fairly simple set up.Even I understand it and I've never operated a paravane system.

What a pain in the transom.

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Thanks so much for that fine detail. A great project and outcome.

"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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