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FW Filters Question

I never drank the water from the fiberglass tank on my sailboat because it always had a chemical taste and the screen filter kept clogging with plastic particles. I carried this by habit to our current trawler but have finally had it with lugging and disposing of endless gallon jugs. I tasted the water and it seems good. The filter screen is clear. So, I installed a large RV filter in the system just downstream from the pressure pump and the water is indistinguishable from bottled. That will free up a lot of storage space in the galley. Iíll shock the tank before our next cruise and we use a potable water rated hose.

Just to be safe, I plan to run all water put into the tank through another RV style filter when filling. So, my question. What is the best way to store the filling filter? Should it have the end caps put back on and be stored wet or allowed to dry out between fillings?
Roger and Patsy
"Gypsy Star"
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I let it drain into the sink 15-20 min, put the caps on and store it in the fridge. The fridge normally stays on if we are on the boat or not. There may be other recommendations.
Steve W.
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Must be a big fridge
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I took a different approach aboard Salty... We have 300+gal. water tankage and normally fill from a well used water system at our home marina, so I don't filter when filling. I shock the stainless steel tanks once a year, flush, then add a little bleach with every top-up.

For drinking water, I added a dedicated tap in the galley which is fed through a 3M drinking water filter.
Click image for larger version

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This filter is about as good as you can do without having an RO system.

Regarding storing your bulk filling filter, I do like Steve suggested for the 3M filter we use on our RV drinking water. Drain, refrigerate, then toss yearly.
Fair winds,
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What kind of filter do you use before the tank? I realized it's better to use a sediment filter before the tank, then activated charcoal after. The charcoal filters out the chloramine and other crap (added by the city of Boston) before drinking, but the chloramine is still present in the tanks, keeping the water fresh and without bacteria. If you use a charcoal filter before the tank, you're removing the antibacterial components added by your city that will keep your tanks fresh. Then you'll have to add bleach like Luke (since he has to fill with well water).
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"What is the best way to store the filling filter?"

Why store it!

Under sink fittings , washing machines , dish washers are all today connected with nice armored hose with simple hose fittings.

Figure out how to pull the unit at watering fill time and put it on the dock hose, or purchase enough fittings and valves so it can be left in place and used while tank filling.

With an good tank, bottled water (someplace else tap water) need never be purchased.

Do always taste the dock water before putting a drop in your tanks , some is really bad.
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I only fill my tanks with municipal water (has enough chlorine to kill anything in the tanks on an on going basis). The entire freshwater system after the pressure tank goes through a whole house carbon block filter (which removes the chlorine). I use bottled water for drinking, but everything else including brushing teeth is done with boat system water. Very happy with the quality of my boat water.

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