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Dennis wombaugh 05-12-2022 04:34 PM

Teak bow shelf
In process of restoring a marine trader. Looking for a bow teak v shape mounted shelf which was part of original design. Not sure if I called it correct. Any suggestions on where I could find one would be appreciate


C lectric 05-14-2022 10:30 AM

Maybe a couple of good shots of the area that you want to apply this to would help.

If I understand correctly what you want is a shelf to fit the hull shape above the V berths for extra storage of personal items.

Was there nothing present when you bought the boat? Copy it even if in bad shape so you can get the shape?

I strongly suspect you will have to either come up with your own or hire a marine carpenter to make one.

The curve could be a problem but that can be dealt with the use of tick sticks and carefull work. THe curve will not have to be exact but it can be close.

alormaria 05-14-2022 11:30 AM

Are you sure you want to put those shelves back?
They are thin, weak and in the way when sleeping. Such a bargain!
There is a huge amount of storage under the berths and a real whopper up front.

Comodave 05-14-2022 11:58 AM

Polish up your woodworking skills and have at it.

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