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Jn711 10-19-2020 06:26 PM

Hydraulic system recommendations
Hi all, looking to upgrade steering this winter. Removing an old teleflex cable system and going hydraulic. Iíve reviewed sea star options and recently discovered seaboard marine as a potential option. Any recommendations or experience with either manufacturer?

This will be a 2 station install on a 30í full displacement trawler - Willard Vega Searcher (16500 displacement), single 65 hp diesel.

Thanks for any guidance...


mvweebles 10-19-2020 06:51 PM

I owned W30 hull #5, a 1972 Searcher. I replaced the cable steering with a hynautic system I bought at a marine bargain store. It was oversized and I ended up with 7 turns lock to lock on the steering. I did the conversion to get a better autopilot option. Was probably 25 hours of install work.

The smaller telestar systems would be fine for your Searcher. It won't be cheap and will be a sunk cost without benefit at resale. But a nice upgrade. And a nice boat.

BTW, if you haven't found the Willard Boat Owners Group, check us out on I'm the moderator and would be happy to see you aboard (we are open to all)


Jn711 10-20-2020 06:38 PM


Thanks for the info, and yes Iím a WBO forum member as well. I was planning to post a similar inquiry there also.


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