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Costaroutouna 08-23-2015 07:07 PM

MAST - handy and pivoting
I have a major refitt going on onboard our Costa Toutouna, Bristol 42c, 1982

We removed the mast in order to give us more space to work.
The wooden part which hold the mast in position was causing leaks. We have to reinstall a new system. What are you using in order to keep your mast vertically? How is it fixed to te cabin??? We also plan on installing a pivoting base so it will be easier to get it lowered.

Thanks for your help!

psneeld 08-23-2015 07:21 PM

If or when I redo mine....I will have a stainless tabernacle welded up and have it match up with the current bolt pattern.

I will use a counterweight or small block and tackle to raise and lower it. Attachment points can remain the same.

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