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Originally Posted by 78puget-trawler View Post
That was really my point, verbal only, not resisting. We have had these discussions before and I agree, the courts have held, erroneously in my opinion that the CG at least has absolute authority to board anytime they want. Not arguing that point.
I just think its foolish for them to EVER board without letting the boats Captain know its about to happen.
It could turn an otherwise routine inspection into a firefight. Many boat owners are armed as they go out on their boats. I am.
Verbal opposition will never help you and will often make things far more difficult for you. It just really serves no purpose to make some futile attempt. It can't benefit you.

Now as to boarding without letting the captain know. How did they get there? Were they submerged? They couldn't be seen? Perhaps they thought they were clearly visible or they even tried to let the captain know.

Now, I do watch Live PD and hear over and over the conversation from officer, "Why didn't you stop. I lit you up two blocks ago" to driver "I didn't see you." 95% of the time I don't believe the driver but also I do think officers assume they're seen when sometimes their lights may not be noticed. Perhaps sirens would be then. Perhaps before boarding they should just hit the siren a moment or wait for some recognition they're there rather than assuming the boat captain and watch was seeing everything around. I imagine in this case the officers would be surprised that they were considered unannounced.
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