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Originally Posted by healhustler View Post
I'm so physically and emotionally exhausted from these last two days of prep (probably for nothing) that I welcome the growing numbness as the storm approaches.
Wifey B: I feel so for all you on the west coast and those in the keys. Although the cone thingies always showed it possible and Euro leaned your way, everybody just kept talking Keys and Miami and the east coast.

We're all sort of numb because it's like we're in a protective cocoon and outside of what little we can see from our home, we only know what it going on by storm chasers and television. We just know a lot of people are going through a lot of bad stuff and we'll have no idea what until it's all over. 60+ mph winds and 80+ mph gusts and we feel so lucky and just sort of blind to them knowing what's going on the west coast.

It's weird to see side by side Miami and Fort Myers and they look the same. Problem is knowing the west coast is going to worsen so. Well, think I'll watch a movie and snack while the world outside crumbles. Maybe that's the worst part that all any of us can do is wait.
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