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Originally Posted by sdowney717 View Post
i know a planning hull a lot slower than semi or full.
I would think a full displacement which already moves more slowly, it won't have as much affect as a planing hull but still noticeable.

Anyone have observations they can share?

What % drop in speeds would you think for each type hull if hull is fouled but prop is clean?
What % increase in fuel usage?

My semi-displacement hull is somewhat fouled, i am onto my 3rd year, i splashed in fall 2014.
I have been thinking to haul spring 2018.
When the water warms up, i want to get under there and clean off as much as i can.

Thinking good gloves, a flat hull scraper like what you normally use when hauling out, mask and a hood to protect my head.
first is it legal to scrub your bottom in your state with what ever paint yo have on it? Secound there is no way to know what speed you will lose other than a direct comparrison of speed at a given rpm when it was clean and now when dirty takeing into account any weight changes in boat between the two speed trails. What can be said is that a dirty bottom does have an effect on top speed and efficency along the whole curve.
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