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OK, I here you about low power break in.

Jetstream, I will do that test, good point, but if that is only due to low oil pressure then I am not sure about it because my oil pressure is as at its maximum until the oil doesn't reach its working temperature and then it varies between 40psi and 80psi, but 40-50psi is only seen from idle to about 1100RPM, in my cruising 1500RPM oil pressure is close to its maximum, from there to 3000RPM there is only around 10psi change.

C lectric, no problem driving at that RPMs, if that is going to prevent it then OK, I do that occasionally, when going up stream to get better speed, since I am on the fresh river . I have chosen the 1500RPM since the speed gain was negligible and probably only difference would probably be in fuel consumption, but that is not big price to pay if it is going to prevent bigger problems. Engine maximum torque is at 1900RPM so it likes that speed.

I will speak with network engineer at my office to try to resolve the problem with site.
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