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Reply from the CG

Excellent context... DSC alerts will probably get lost in the noise, so go voice if you can. If you need to deal hands on with the emergency asap, firing off the DISTRESS button and touching off the EPIRB will get the right attention.

"Thank you for contacting the USCG Navigation Center. When the "reasons" were developed it was by an international body associated with ships of 300 tons or greater. They have alternative means for communication to deal with medical problems, usually satellite phone. In your case if the person's life is threatened or the medical issue is serious I would send a distress call. It is possible to send urgent priority but that does not get the proper attention if a life is at risk. If you have an EPIRB I would also activate that as well because over 90% of DSC distress alerts are false alerts so sending a second means of communicating a distress validates the DSC distress call. Many folks feel they can use their cell phone but that is a poor way of doing a distress because hopefully your DSC is connected to a GPS so it will send your position. A cell phone does not usually give a correct position nor contact the USCG directly so time is wasted. "
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