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RE: Any way to jump to first unread post?

Thanks Guys!

Here is what I'm talking about: MORC - The REVIVAL!!!

This is from a thread in on of the forums on*Sailing Anarchy

See the box with the arrow pointing to the right?* If I'm signed in and hit that button, it will automatically take me to the*1st post in that thread the I have not read (which is different from the most recent post).*

For example, if there are 25 posts in the trhead and I have read the first 20 of them, if I hit that button it will take me directly to post number 21.* If I have read all the posts in that thread, then there is no box and I know there are no new posts.* As Cary pointed out, we have that part of this feature here (we know when a thread has a new post).

Also pretty cool, the paperclip lets me know there are photos or attachments in the thread, and the sheet of paper with the arrow pointing up is like out preview feature.
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