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I'm in the engine business and stick with Rotella 15-40 on my personal boat. Just not enough advantage to using synthetic.

One good step was to do an oil sample after say 100hrs. I did a sample at 200hrs and report came back saying the oil was still in good shape, so my change interval is now at 300hrs. I do a sample every few changes and they have been consistently good, even 300hrs is proving to be conservative. Depends on the engine, boat use, lots of factors, but the sample should tell.

I use Rotella T6 synthetic in my vw diesel car, it has a dry aka not water cooled turbo, and running hard on the highway and pull off and that turbo is HOT. Would have to idle it for like ten minutes to avoid it baking the oil on shutdown. So synthetic there makes sense. Boat turbos are mostly water cooled and naturally have lots of idling time to cool thiings down before shutdown.
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