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Deere 4045 Industrial/ZF repower under $10K

I wanted to share some of my results with a winters repower of my 45ft steel trawler with a Deere Industrial block marinized with Deere parts. My basic boat 45loa/43lwl 4.5 draft and 13 beam 40,000 pounds on the travelift scales was operating with a MAN 4 liter 45hp/150 pounds of torque 3/1 BW trans/34 inch prop. 30,000 hours 5.5mpg. The MAN was hard to get parts for and the BW trans a type 73 was in a simular boat. My operating speeds were 7.1-7.5 knots at 1200-1400rpm.

What I wanted as a simular result, quite operation, economy, better parts support. I was torn between the Kaboda 3.8 liter and the 4.5 Deere, Torque was better on the Deere 220 verses 180 for the Kaboda*at 1500rpm-which I wanted as an operational limit.

Deere refused to warrenty my engine unless I proped it to do 2500--a prop size around 28 inches. at 1200rpm the Deere uses .6gph at 2500 about 4gph. The torque peak on the Deere is 1400rpm/.9gph.

My decision was to build my own. I purchased a 2005 tier 2 4045 non turbo that was used for $2900 with an SAE 3 flywheel/bellhousing (lugger uses the smaller SAE 4) $2500 for the exhaust manifold/heat exchanger/raw water pump and exhaust elbow from a Deere Dealer as a package deal, $500 on Silicon hose, So $6000ish on the engine-plus spares at $1000 ($225 Injector pump, $50 gasget set, $40 hard lines etc).

For a gear set Hurth ZF 80 2.85 ratio $1600 on Ebay/New another $400 for couplers/Drivesaver.

Anyhow now with 20 hours on the package I am smoother, faster and happier. I have some gear rumble from the ZF at low operating speeds 700-1000rpm that I will throw money at with a different flex plate next winter. The engine with 70ft pounds more torque feels snappy, Sea trials with the 34inch prop reveals a limit of 1750rpm and I get 8.5 knots at 1600rpm WOW!

No issues with oil pressure/water temps. no black smoke when overpowering at 1750rpm. What I expect to cruise at 1200-1400rpm will yield less that 1 gph at 7.5 knots according to Deere and Luggers fuel use charts.

I am providing this report as a real life experience not a point of debate about how a diesel will get screwed up if you run it slowly-I found the Deere engineers at the regional and corporate levels not helpful-I located a consulting engineer to Lugger and communicated*about my operational speeds of sub 1500rpm* and got a green light and have now with 20 hours underway achieved most of my goals.

A big propeller turning slowly (up to 500rpm)*an engine operating at its torque peak is my combination-for over 200,000 miles JOLIE has been doing just that and now with the sub $10,000 repower she has another liftime in front of her.

Kevin Kearney
1966 Sutton trawler
Miles River Yacht Club, St Michaels, Maryland
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