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Interesting article Jimbo.

The 30ft2/ton figure was from my own experiences.

A 105 ft2 jib alone does very little to reduce rolling on my 6.5 ton boat. (16 ft2/ton)
Under a reefed mainsail alone (23ft2/ton), although it stabilises rolling under strong winds, it is still a lot of motion with winds under 15-20 knots. Under full 200 ft2 gaff rigged mainsail (31ft2/ton) it becomes very comfortable. When I add the jib, it is a solid a rock.

Obviously, wind speed & direction comes into the equation as well. Smaller sail area becomes more effective when winds are blowing hard in the same direction as the swell.
My suggestion of 30ft2/ton was to cover most conditions including lighter winds.

I still get caught when I wait for a storm to pass, then head out the day after with little or no wind, but still rough mixed up seas. That's when I wish I had paravanes.
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