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Originally Posted by makobuilders View Post
Would 50% power be considered a proper minimum speed to not have to worry about under loading or the issues mentioned above?
That's about exactly where I am and feel comfortable. Many feel this is a non issue. If I had an old trawler w two Lemans in it I'd probably run it at 25% w the oil cooler bypassed. But if I was re powering I'd install engines that would be loaded about 60 or 70%. That would give plenty of extra power and allow cruising at tempetratures that are supposed to be best for long life and minimum wear. Exactly what those temps are are not very evident to me but lube oil temps at about 170 to 180 degrees but little exists to firm up this issue.

The gear head at Passage Maker Magazine (no longer there I think) says a 70% load is best but few adhere to that much load. I could depending on the boat.

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