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Originally Posted by Tad Roberts View Post
Lots of Hawaiian Sampans built for sport fishing and cruising. The high-raking stem with lots of sheer seems to be a defining characteristic.....

This hull seems somewhat westernized but good construction pictures....

1990 Haole Sampan Power Boat For Sale -

Big difference between the "haole sampans" and the true aku boats. The haole sampans are later boats and were built purely for sport fishing. While they had some superficial characteristics similar to the aku boats, they are in fact, very much different vessels. Having spent nearly three decades around and on both types of boats, the haole boats are not in the same league as the aku boats.

That's not to say that they were/are not very nice boats. Most of them were, although they tended to have a rather home-made look to them (because they were). But to those of us who lived there, the two types were apples and oranges. And there were some really, REALLY hideous haole sampans long with the nice ones.

What kind of sportfish boats have been made under the "haole sampan" designation since I left I have no idea. But in the heyday of the aku boats (1950-1980), the haole boats were toys.
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