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The "bottom" line is that no single anchor performs exceptionally well in all bottom conditions....and in those bottom conditions where it does not perform well.....will it be good enough to keep the boat safe and secure during adverse, unpredicted events?

The Fortress anchor will be challenged in grass, weeds, and rocks, possibly more so than other anchor types as it has two large flukes which might make penetration more difficult. No debate there.

We have heard that the Fortress is sharp enough to slice through grass and weeds and penetrate into firmer holding that is below, but I suspect that this is the exception, rather than the rule.

During the recent soft mud tests, we found a common bottom that was a challenge for ALL anchors, particularly those which are not specifically designed for this type of soil.

We saw several performances, some of which were from the highly-touted recent anchor designs, that were so shocking and disturbing that a comment was made among witnesses that these anchors should be sold with a warning label when used in soft mud.

Take from this testing what information you find helpful, or discard it as useless, its obviously your choice.

The ultimate goal is boater safety, and if that safety can be achieved using Brand X, Y, or Z anchors, which meet and exceed the boater's holding power needs in the wind and bottom conditions where they regularly anchor, then that's great.

Awareness and education are part of the keys to that safety, whether it be proper scope or anchoring techniques, or using the right anchor that is optimal for the specific bottom and wind conditions which the boater is likely to encounter.

And if we at Fortress can assist with this awareness and education, then great, once again, and maybe also sell a few anchors along the way as well, which help keep boaters safe and having fun on the water, then that's a bonus.
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